This is a project to create a "larp" game for SUSE employees (or anyone geeky enough to play this) which will be based on computer related knowledge. The core of the game is to search for other people and clues for solving the main goal by "connecting" or "hacking" according to given HW and SW roles. E.g. a person will play router, another one will play PC and they will need to find a person playing TCP/IP protocol to communicate and eventually create a working setup to solve the goal. They they need to work as a group and solve riddles/ciphers which will let them go further. There are more game mechanics i have in mind, but don't want to spoil all of them now :)

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • nmoudra
      over 7 years ago by nmoudra | Reply

      Talked about ideas with many employees to find out how the game mechanics should be structured to keep everyone entertained as much as possible.

    • nmoudra
      over 7 years ago by nmoudra | Reply

      Found out that it will be actually pretty tough to keep it safe for work as people are excessively trying to express double meanings of connectivity and sticking connectors somewhere. Challenge accepted! :)

    • nmoudra
      almost 7 years ago by nmoudra | Reply

      This project is being continued on HW 15 too. Now I have way better background at various game mechanics as well as prepared lists of all the usable phenomenas and parts. Now i am starting to build first walkthroughs and incorporate the mechanics in a working concepts - e.g. how the person will join the game, go through it, find the right people, solve the task and eventually win.

      Anyone who has sopme background on such types of games (larp, teambuilding, social gaming) is appreciated to come by and share their knowledge if they want.

    • nmoudra
      almost 7 years ago by nmoudra | Reply

      The game is partially ready. The concept is getting shape and roles are being set. I gues that after another week there will be a first playable demo of this socializing and teambuilding funny riddle IT game :) I hope to finish all the finesses till the next conference to try it out. But still - anyone with any insight into psychology of games, teambuilding principles and such is welcomed to share his knowledge and help me to improve the game.

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