The Idea

Since some time I am interested in getting better at C++ and learn more about Qt framework. Since I learn best with having a project/goal I came up with this:

I would like to develop a program that is very similar to Han Trainer Pro but is FOSS and gets its content from the community.


At first I thought about naming it daoshi but now I think I am going to change it to bianselong (color changing dragon) hinting at our geeko.


Mostly like Han Trainer Pro, maybe search for other similar programs and see which other techniques make sense. Almost like any vocabulary trainer just tailered to chinese and learning to write characters.


The Stroke Order Project has a collection of images which explain the stroke order for quite a few chinese characters. CC-CEDICT is a really big free dictionary, one can download the text file in edict format. On the website one can also litsen to the pronuciation of the characters, which would be a good thing to have, but first have to find out about the license and where to get them.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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    • mvetter
      over 8 years ago by mvetter | Reply

      Project page Example lesson to put into ~/.local/share/daoshi/lessons. Video

    • mvetter
      almost 8 years ago by mvetter | Reply

      I plan to cleanup some of the parts as were pointed out to me by adamm which as a lot of Qt experience.

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