The aim of this project is to make openSUSE/SUSE more known in Turkey, to atract students there to more participate in opensuse community:

1) update which is a bit old, check the links etc.; 2) check the status of translations to turkish language in openSUSE installation, Gnome/KDE (the last time I checked an installation in turkish the translations were uncompleted); 3) create a page similiar to (simpler version) and "advertize" it on Turkish linux portals;

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 11


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    • leylekler
      about 9 years ago by leylekler | Reply

      What was done: was updated, also some links as well. The page is still in the old format so work to change it has been started - some templates, portals were translated/created. What needs to be done: more templates and other pages should be prepared. Gnome/KDE translations - need to be checked. Also new page - here will be good to find some enthusiastic turkish students to support with translations and articles.

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