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A set of utilities to produce a "from scratch" OCI/Docker container using Opensuse/SLE rpms

a project by ldragon

Project Description

I recently used melange and apko to build a from scratch image. The result was a set of auditable and easy to use container and apk repository. The toolkit reduces the work need to make from scratch images with minimal work on the actual docker container(which can be quite painful if you've tried making a from scratch image on your own).

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(Rust) Manage systems in NetBox using NetBox-Sync

a project by chock


Imagine this, you are managing your infrastructure for your lab or server farm using the popular NetBox tool. Everytime you install a new machine you connect to it and collect all the system's information to enter into NetBox. Including stuff like system resources, architecture, vendor, type and all the network interfaces. Tedious isn't it?

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Kanidm - Account Policy

a project by firstyear

Project Description

Kanidm is a identity management system (a store of accounts, groups and more) that supports authentication to opensuse, web sites, networks, and more. The project has a focus on respect of humans, correctness, simplicity and performance. In previous hackweeks we have implemented cryptographic authentication (webauthn), wasm based web UI, replication foundations and more.

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Create a new markup language with parser in rust

a project by nkrapp

Project Description

Write a parser for my own markup language in rust using parser combinators. The idea originated from a joke about creating a markup language similar to markdown called "fml".

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Relm4-based user interface for Agama

an invention by IGonzalezSosa


Disclaimer: the idea of this project is to play around with Relm4.

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A Flight Dynamics Library written in Rust with an Entity Component System architecture

a project by vcuadradojuan

Project Description

The Entity Component System is Data-driven architectural pattern, using composition over inheritance (contrary to Object Oriented programming). It is used in complex systems such as simulators, games, and Fintech; where the projects specify an array of complex systems that are loosely coupled. Projects where one needs to horizontally expand and change the behavior of a small subset of systems knowing that there will be no unwanted behavioral change carried to others, while at the same time provide a way to expand functionality that can be reused by a big number of the systems.

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a project by dspinella

Project Description

A settings center akin to GNOME/KDE/XFCE settings panel but built for window managers like sway, i3 and hyprland.

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a project by fabriziosestito

toniowm is yet another window manager written in Rust.

Project Description

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