Use dwz (dwarf compressor) from rpms to reduce debuginfo package size. Aim for multi-file mode which would create a "base" debuginfo package that individual ones depend on (when multiple ones exist). -debuginfo package discovery is done by rpm itself while the extraction and compression is done from, this may complicate things a bit.

On the way fix inconsistencies in debuginfo package naming as created from rpm vs. baselibs (libgcc_s1-32bit-debuginfo vs. libz1-debuginfo-32bit).

Looking for hackers with the skills:

rpm baselibs

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Hack Week 15


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    • rguenther
      over 7 years ago by rguenther | Reply

      So the project is "finished", results should find their way into Tumbleweed / SLE-13. Updated rpm and dwz packages are in home:rguenther:hw15. To enable dwz use you currently have to adjust your projectconf:

      Support: dwz Macros: %finddebuginfodwzopts --run-dwz

      Results show a reduction in installed debuginfo size of up to 50% (glibc-debuginfo). For packages with not many binaries and libraries and which use C do not expect wonders (patchutils shows no changes, likewise telnet).

      Some packages expose issues in the current setup, like gcc6 builds multilibs and thus has a mix of 32bit and 64bit packages which means DWZs multi-file mode fails. kernel-default has bogus DWARF according to DWZ and thus it gives up (needs to be investigated).

      I did not yet try many packages but only the set in home:rguenther:hw15.

    • rguenther
      over 4 years ago by rguenther | Reply

      This was finished.

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