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Currently to update SUSE manager server user needs to SSH into the machine and manually apply all patches and updates. It also cannot use the repositories sync by SUSE Manager server, and needs to connect to a remote server.

The goal of this project is to allow the usage of SUSE manager synchronized repositories to update itself, and manage the update process.

Should allow the application all updates and all patches to the server.

The language to use will be Go, with gingonic framework.

Personal goal is also to improve knowledge in go language and web framework usage.


All code is developed in go. Repo:

Day 1

  • Endpoints to export sever update status
    • sever version
    • list of available packages
    • list of available patches

day 2

  • Download endpoint t allow exposer of repositories
  • Endpoint to apply all updates at once

day 3

  • vacations

day 4

List of tasks

  • Web application with gingonic
    • homepage hello world
    • use bootstrap with some template
  • Home page with information about suse manager version installed
    • can check version of "patterns-uyuni_server"
  • Allow set repositories location
    • local from suma folders
    • back to remote repos
  • new page to show list of available patches
    • button to install all available patches
    • minimal information about process
  • new page to show all available updates
    • button to install all available updates
    • minimal information about process
  • improve home page with information about how many patches and updates are available to install
  • add alert to home page when new suma MU version is available
  • add page to manage server repos
    • button to set repos from local suse manager disk
    • check if all needed repos are available on disk. user URI point to filesystem folder
    • add warning message saying all other repos will be disable
  • authentication: system users?
  • increase patch/update process info with curtent step and logs
  • show services information
    • just minimal information. First stage can be output of spacewalk-services status

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 21


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