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The Unreal 4 game engine has been ported to Linux! The goal will be to install Unreal 4 engine native from source on openSUSE 13.2. If successful we can work on building a small fun game using one of UE4 blueprints and game templates: Top Down, Side-Scroll, or FPS.

I would prefer making a top down "Diablo 3" style RPG game level with a few simple systems. This is very much open for discussion. The game-play theme could be based on SUSE or a classic design. Many of the scripts required can be found at the UE4 community section.

<b>Building on Linux and Links:</b>

<a href="https://www.unrealengine.com/what-is-unreal-engine-4">What is The Unreal 4 Engine?</a>

<a href="https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Building_On_Linux">Building on Linux Wiki</a>

<a href="https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Linux_Support">Linux Support Wiki</a>

<a href="https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Videos">Video Guides</a>

<a href="https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/">Official Epic Games Documentation</a>

<b>Requirements:</b> <p>The UE4 engine requires at least a semi decent processor and graphics card as it is a fully featured AAA Engine. Would be wise to talk about this before hand so we are prepared. If you have any game development skills, such as c++, texturing, or modelling it would be great to have you! Much of the content can be found online for free "3D models, game art, scripts for UE4". This will be a fun <b>simple game nothing too crazy!</b> as we are limited on time. Looking forward to working with you!</p>

<b>Game State Components:</b> <ul> <li>Loading game splash screen</li> <li>Start screen</li> <li>Create character screen</li> <li>Character select screen</li> <li>Loading screen</li> <li>Game-play state</li> <li>Save/quit by hitting escape "save state"</li> <li>Death system (Hardcore mode/game over) </li> </ul>

<b>Character Classes:</b>

1 - 2 Character classes maximum

<ul> <li>Ranger</li> <li> Mage</li> <li>Barbarian</li> <li> Suse Hacker</li> </ul>

<b>Enemy Mob System:</b> <ul> <li>Enemy mobs: windows logo, demon, laser robot </li> <li>Simple A.I for player targeting & chase</li> <li>Enemy Item drops "Gold, Armor, Weapons"</li> </ul>

<b>Health Magic and Level Based Ability System:</b> <ul> <li>Health and magic pool system (Dynamic health bars, and magic bars)</li> <li>A level system capped at 10-20 levels</li> <li>Ability and spell-book scripts for storing and updating dynamic damage and health</li> </ul>

<b>User Interface:</b> <ul> <li>Player and enemy health bars</li> <li>Ability bar for drag and dropping abilities from spell-book</li> <li>Character portrait</li> <li>Journal/quest panel</li> <li>Inventory panel</li> <li>Spell-book panel</li> <li>Level-up Panel</li> <li>Bags/Rucksack for storing items</li> </ul>

<b>Questing System:</b> <ul> <li>5 quest maximum</li> <li> Example 1: Speak with NPC "Non-Player-Character" with exclamation point over head > gives quest > Complete quest by full-filling requirements > bring back items to quest giver > rewarded with experience, gold or items.</li> <li>Example 2: Enemy mob has a 20% chance on death to drop a quest item. When you click on this item in bags, it offers a quest you may complete.</li> </ul>

Looking for hackers with the skills:

c++ ue4engine textureing lighting storyboarding soundeditor

This project is part of:

Hack Week 12


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    • mschnitzer
      almost 7 years ago by mschnitzer | Reply

      I'm interested in it. Tell me if you got it working.

    • whdu
      almost 7 years ago by whdu | Reply

      Really interesting. It's a large project. I hope I can help with testing ;)

      • JCayouette
        almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

        If everything works as I hope would love your help!

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      Good news: The Unreal 4 Engine was successfully built on my home system openSUSE 13.2 but I highly recommend NOT using AMD/ATI graphics cards as the current drivers have issues with the UE4Editor. I am currently spending time evenings chatting with the excellent folks on irc.freenode.net #ue4linux

      Most Nvidia cards will work fine out of box as long as you full-fill the minimum requirements. Also a nice trick if your having troubles building on your distro. Install Ubuntu 14.04 lts in a VM build from source then use a shared folder to copy the built files to your main distro. :)

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      OK quick update: Unreal 4 up and running today! I was able to modify the ConsoleVariables.ini file found inside the source folder engine > ConsoleVariables.ini I added this line for the AMD Radeon opensource drivers and it loaded right up!


      Much thanks to Salamander and Yaakuro on #ue4linux@freenode.net

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      Next: --Install a solid IDE --Fix a few small environmental bugs --Check the answers.unrealengine.com to ensure I have gotten rid of the big bad stuff

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      Kdevelop seems to be the best choice of native IDE flavors as it is integrated nicely with Unreal 4 development.

    • psalunke
      almost 7 years ago by psalunke | Reply

      I am not sure if the UE4 is available to use for free, I believe that we need to buy it. Is there anything that I am missing?

    • HaxxonHAx
      almost 7 years ago by HaxxonHAx | Reply

      I may be able to help with storyboarding and simple bug fixing, if any. I won't have much more time than that.

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      The UE4 Egine is 100% free until you make a large amount of money, since this is open source, and just learning its free. :)

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      "Pay a 5% royalty on games and applications you release. We succeed when you succeed."

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      Great news :) The unreal engine is up and running on my system. It compiled successfully last night. Did a quick test this morning and it loaded right up! Quick note if you follow the directions on the Linux Build Wiki the editor will not load under openSUSE with this command ($ cd Engine/Binaries/Linux && ./UE4Editor) You will need to use the following command to ensure your editor loads. (cd Engine/Binaries/Linux && LDLIBRARYPATH=. ./UE4Editor)

    • AlexMex90
      almost 7 years ago by AlexMex90 | Reply

      Hi everyone! I'm a newbie on Hack Weeks so a little guidance would be helpful, this seems to be pure fun.

      I'm somewhat rusty with my C++ and I would like to learn about UE, I am also interested in AI how can I help with this project?

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      I am in room 3.2.6 If you would like to speak about this project. I am also logged in on IRC at #hackweek12UE4 I will try to leave it on all week :)

      • JCayouette
        almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

        hackweek12UE4 is on freenode.net "sorry forgot to mention this" :D

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      I will be setting up the developer environment today. The editor is working. Following this, I will start working on the town level. This will include some buildings, portal, character spawn point, and the base blueprint classes for an inventory, 1-2 spells or attacks "not sure about this yet" I will be using some of the free Mixamo animation assets four our characters and Enemies.

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      If anyone has a system in house with at least a quad-core processor and 8 GB ram I would be most grateful if I could borrow it for the week. I have a 500 watt PS and GTX 970 graphics card available for running the engine. It runs currently but slowly on the dell AMD stock card. 14-20 FPS.

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      Ok I brought in a personal computer. :D good news first character up and running "cheers" the engine is working great! Currently building the first level and texturing

    • JCayouette
      almost 7 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      I am going to try and get a couple of screen videos up and running and put them on you-tube to show progress. I post link here when its done.

    • JCayouette
      over 6 years ago by JCayouette | Reply

      Overall this project was successful. --Unreal 4 was ported to openSUSE 13.2 --Small world was developed --Blueprint scripting for control systems for character movement --Realtime day/night system --Character model imported --Animations applied to character model --Keybindings setup for movement, and linked to animations for each mapping --World music setup --Some sound tests for actions, "jumping, walking, running" --Landscape tool used to create foliage and world realism --Youtube video created to display the results of this project.

      Great Hackweek, I had an awesome time checking out everyone's idea's and contributions!

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