Project Description

Uyuni recently made the switch from Javascript to Typescript. Alas, the team has a very mixed bag of experience with the technology and we could use a way to get everyone up to speed quickly.

One great way to learn new things is through games. There are numerous examples of learning-oriented games in the tech space already: Grid Garden, Flexbox Froggy etc. There don't seem to be any games aimed at learning Typescript, but we could make one!

Goal for this Hackweek

During Hackweek, the aim is to:

  1. ideate a set of game mechanics that can be used to teach Typescript in an engaging way
  2. develop a working prototype that demonstrates gameplay, ideally a few levels or comparable

The target audience will probably be people with some prior programming knowledge, but the smaller the resulting constraint, the better.

If the resulting prototype is good, the project can be followed up on after the Hackweek with proper polish, additional levels etc.


Examples of learning-oriented games:
Typescript docs:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

typescript javascript game uyuni

This project is part of:

Hack Week 20


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    • Etheryte
      7 months ago by Etheryte | Reply

      The result of the Hackweek is a working prototype that integrates Typescript validation with an editor and gameplay logic. Only had time to build one simple level, but it demonstrates all modules correctly working and how the gameplay works. See for a demo.

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