Ever dreamed of being a hero to save the world? Play "The Elder Gecko", an epic fantasy RPG masterpiece!

Breathtaking Adventures

Defeat the evil legion of bugs and protect our clients.

Live Another Life, In Another World

Play any type of character you can imagine, including but not limited to Developer, QA, Manager, Technical Support, Sales.

Bugs Return

Battle ancient bugs like you've never seen. As a "Geckoborn", learn skills from Gecko and defeat your enemies.


Our game provides various of classes for you to choose, each with unique battle skills.


Developers deal the highest damage to bugs in the game. But sometimes, their skills may create more bugs. Typical Skills: Hot Patch(Deal a great amount of damage to one bug, but has a chance to create some smaller bugs)


QA can expose the weakness of bugs, making them easier to be killed. Typical Skills: Acceptance Testing(Increase all the damage dealt to bugs by 10%)


Managers have various skills to inspire other team members, increasing their abilities to fight bugs. Typical Skills: Team Building(Increase the ATK of all team members)

Technical Support

As the guardian of our clients, Technical Support can protect other team members and disable bugs temporarily. Typical Skills: Reboot(It is said that rebooting can solve 80% of bugs.)


Sales can persuade the clients to ignore some bugs. Typical Skills: Featurize(It's not a bug, it's a feature! Has a chance to kill a bug immediately)


  • RPG Maker VX ACE
  • Ruby
  • GIMP

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Hack Week 13


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