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Further refine (based on last year's sca-L0 project) the automation and the functionality of an L0 approach to collect, analyze and provide notifications and next-step guidance across the data pipeline from an individual system all the way to an initial support request review. In general this is like an AIOps/ITOps edge-core workflow.

Goal for this Hackweek

  • Configuration Changes
    • enable opt-in, selective checks, with default of using all
    • provide feature requests for existing components, like supportutils, sca-server-report
  • Reporting Changes
    • improve human-readable outputs during runtime and for logging
    • implement more consistent, detailed name/value summary reports
    • enable tiered parser with guidance/notification/exception aspects at each stage, aligned with tool configuration changes
    • enable historical and similar, nearby peer system content comparisons
  • Data Pipeline Changes
    • enable more transport protocol options
    • update tool projects for improved modularity and runs in each space
    • containerize tool images, execution and invocation
  • Documentation and demonstrations
    • updated user guide
    • create sample environment


  • Projects

    • sca-L0 : OBS
      • Perform Level-0 analysis on a supportconfigs by running modules that check OS support status, package update status, hardware certifications, etc. Report results in human-readable output and/or name:value pairs.
    • taksi : OBS
      • Assess/Evaluate collected support data in a middle phase of data pipeline, leveraging sca-L0, sca-server-report, then provide notification/guidelines on next steps
    • aludo : OBS
      • With a focus on sets of categorical hints, check if a system might have incremental changes, since the last run, in the form of clues. If so, trigger data collection (supportconfig) as first data pipeline space, along with the captured clue metadata for further analysis.
    • Supportconfig Analysis Server Report : OBS
      • Analyze supportconfigs using python patterns to check for critical issues, warnings, and recommended actions. Report results in html format.
  • Keywords / skills

    • bash, rpm, buildservice, containers, python, machine learning, nearest neighbor, report user interface / experience, supportconfig

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Hack Week 21


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