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In early ages, our children are very permeable and can learn about their world with an astonishing speed. One of the most popular education methodology is Montessori, whom promotes the self-discovering and troubleshooting using the observation and free exploration of materials.

I would like to create a series of workshops about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) especially oriented to primary level Montessori students (from 3 to 6 years old).

My first workshop will be about tree topics: Electronics, Boolean logic and Object oriented programming. To deal with these “high level” topics in these early ages I have thought the following approach.

Electronics and Boolean logic

I am preparing an experimental board with wood and metal where the students can experiment in a Montessori way (without help). They can link connections and put LEDs or other artifacts in a simple circuit.

The most important is that I am designing a circuit where they can learn additionally the principles of Boolean logic: And, Or operators, and maybe Not one, in a very easy way.

Object oriented programming and Boolean logic

I am working in a methodology where the students will be able to split and classify a real object by their attributes.

  • First exercise is simple. One circle, inside the objects that validates a condition, for instance: it’s color is red. We can also have more circles with different values of the same attribute

  • Second exercise: Two circles with an intersection. One circle validates a condition for one attribute, such us “it’s color is yellow”. The other circle verify an other attribute, for instance the shape: is a sphere. Then there will be objects that only belong to a one circle, but some of then has to be put in the intersection because verify the two conditions.

  • Third exercise: We have two sticker families, attributes and values. For a presented object they have to select what attribute stickers can be applied to this object and the correct value stickers for this object-attribute.

  • Fourth exercise: In addition to the previous exercise we have different actions stickers like: bounce, eat, peel, wash, … the children has to think witch one is applicable to the object.

Additional information

I have already talked with Montessori House School in Alicante and during the hackweek I will “teach” this knowledge in this workshop.

Additionally I am preparing other materials to self-learning coding and robotics.

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