Project Description

Many initramfs components have exploded in size, yet often remain static:

  • Modules get updated with the kernel
  • Firmware gets updated independently (linux-firmware)
    • Some drivers need big firmware files (e.g. Nouveau), that are independent of the module version.

The kernel supports loading multiple concatenated cpio files, but:

  • GRUB needs to be configured to load these.
  • Tools like dracut need to produce multiple files (?).


  • Digital Signatures?
  • Does this work with Gummiboot/systemd-boot?
  • Does this work with rEFInd?

Goal for this Hackweek

The aim is to reduce the required storage and to simplify updates.

As part of this project a tiny alternative boot environment could be developed, so that it's faster and updated independently from the OS.


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 23


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