Project Description

This project aims to develop a userscript that enhances web browsing by automatically turning selected text into clickable hyperlinks when the text matches certain patterns, making it easier to access related web pages.

Goal for this Hackweek

The primary goal of this project is to create a userscript that adds hyperlinks to specific text patterns selected by mouse double-click or text selection. The script will target text that matches specific patterns (e.g., numeric strings) and transform them into hyperlinks with appropriate URLs. This automation will improve user convenience by reducing the need to manually copy, paste, and format text to create hyperlinks.

The project will involve creating a JavaScript userscript using the "Tampermonkey" or similar browser extension. The userscript will listen for events like double-click and text selection, extract the selected text, check if it matches predefined patterns, and if so, convert it into a clickable hyperlink.


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Hack Week 23


  • 8 months ago: rfan1 started this project.
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