I want to boot xen with dom0 and domU on allwinner sunxi devices.

A31/A20 is a Cortex-A7 powered device and cortex-a7 support virtualization extention. A31/A20 powered devices is almost the cheapest device for studying the virtualization technology on arm compare with exynos5250 and omap5 board.

base on the previous two hackweeks.

i use the same platform(allwinner sunxi series SOC) in the recent three hackweek. i got fimiliar wit sunxi on hackweek VIII and try packaging image through kiwi on hackweek IX.

base on the lastest community work on arm.

xen and dom0 boot successful in this month on A20(sun7i). sunxi driver developer(arokux) claim that the usb echi device is worked for A20, link. a xen developer(Ian C) was trying the SATA on A20.

there is a chance put a full linux distribution on dom0. it is easy for trying the domu because the xen tools stack do not support cross compile.


after hackweek, i finally boot guest on sun7i SOC.

with the upstream xen and kernel, xen could run on sun7i SOC. i use NFS as my dom0 rootfs including opensuse 12.3 for arm. and i could create guest on it which support block frontend device and network frontend device.

i write a how to on xen wiki.

thanks Alex graf help me connect to citrix guys. i got lots of help from #xenarm irc on freenode.

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    • bjzhang
      over 10 years ago by bjzhang | Reply

      i was plan to try this on an A31 STB(Mele M9). but the sdcard socket and a data pad is broken yestoday. i need some time to repair the sd socket if i get the sch from other m9 hackers. and there is no usb boot support for A31. So, i will do this on an A20.

      note that the cubietruck(with 2GB memory, 1G ethernet and bt4.0 ...) is more proper for my hackweek. but it still in preorder and plan to shipping after Nation Holiday in China. maybe i could not get this board during hackweek. So, i buy an A20 STB for hackweek. hope it is alive after my hacking.

    • bjzhang
      over 10 years ago by bjzhang | Reply

      i finally got guest running on xen, see result above.

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