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Terraform and Ansible are used within the Consulting Team for automating RKE2 and Rancher deployments, but with the change in Open-Source License of Terraform and the RedHat “problems”, I think there is a need for an alternative solution like Pulumi. I have no experience with Pulumi and there isn’t much documentation around it (regarding Rancher and Terraform). There is a Package for Rancher but nothing for RKE2.

Goal for this Hackweek

Build an example solution for installing RKE2 and Rancher with Pulumi (including things like Longhorn and other Apps) and present it to the team.



Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 23


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    • harrisonbc
      9 months ago by harrisonbc | Reply

      Happy to help with documentation.

    • mdrahman_suse
      9 months ago by mdrahman_suse | Reply

      I have done some work with Pulumi in terms of creating EC2 resources in AWS and Linode resource. I was planning on doing something similar along the line, but with k3s. Hope I can be of help and also learn in the process add-emoji

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