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SUMA for Retail 4.3 introduced containerized branch server. In theory, it should be possible to run the container on the same machine as SUMA server. This would be equivalent to the Combo server in the old SLEPOS product.

Goal for this Hackweek

  • experiment with containerized branch server
  • find out what is needed to run the container on the same machine


  • The configuration via Saltboot group works fine also for terminals connected directly to SUMA server
  • The only component that needs to be changed is apache2 configuration for /saltboot/ prefix
    • Current implementation is rather error-prone: on normal RBS it maps branch-local URLs to global (sync) URLs via pillars and sync formula. Containerized RBS has no access to pillars, so it has to guess.
    • Better implementation would be to move this functionality to java (with access to image pillars in DB) and do the mapping via http redirection.
    • for normal RBS the apache configuration is part of branch network formula - this makes the formula unusable on leaf server in hub setup
  • Other services (cobbler, tftp) are already running on SUMA and do not need any modification.
  • DHCPd and network must be configured manually, but that is the same with containerized branch server.
  • Found some bugs: bsc#1200970, bsc#1200968

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Hack Week 21


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