I want to dive deeper into React using its Material-UI components to prototype a web interface for SUSE's new Repository Mirroring Tool (RMT).


  • DAY 1 Implemented a basic app, which can GET the index of products from an RMT. Created the necessary API endpoints on the server side. But, turns out I still don't like some of the core concepts of React (namely JSX).
  • DAY 2 Let's have some fun, and do the same thing in VueJS. ... but with which component library? ... (3 hours of research later) okay there a like a gazzilion, but this Quasar thing looks more powerful than the others ....(5 hours later, including a very late breakfast) .... wow, I made so much more progress than yesterday and it was only a half-day of hacking
  • DAY 3 Okay, let's do the auth ... JWT it is .... add-emoji add-emoji add-emoji .......... "hey, there is my token!"
  • DAY 4 Now let's PUT stuff with fancy UI components .............. good thing developing with Vue+Quasar is really fast, so I can go have some beer at the party too add-emoji
  • DAY 5 Demo Time!


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 17


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    • ikapelyukhin
      about 5 years ago by ikapelyukhin | Reply

      Just make sure the UI doesn't end up having L3 support :D

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