<p> Supporttools are great and useful utilities to help support and development to obtain information about troubled systems - and the only utilities we have.<p> <p>In openSUSE no such tool exists so far: therefore each config or log file and any other system data useful for debugging needs to be requested individually. This is tedious and error prone.</p> <p>Currently, supportconfig as shipped with SLE12 will not run unmodified on openSUSE. The goal here is to: <ol> <li> adapt the tool for openSUSE</li> <li> 'modularize' it, ie separate the scriptlets for each investigated area into a separate file. Ultimately, each such module should be shipped with
the software component it addresses.</li> <li>add support to retrieve data from journald</li> <li>Improve the output format of some scripts</li> </ol> I don't expect that work on supportconfig will be finished with Hackweek as new ideas how to improve things pop up while doing work. </p>

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      Have you tried our product : http://machinery-project.org/ Perhaps it could do a lot of the requested jobs.

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