The openSUSE plymouth theme presently lacks a nice graphical screen to inform users that an offline update is in progress. The objective of this Hackweek project is to set this right by designing a working basic graphical screen to address this situation.

Detailed Description

Since openSUSE 13.2 software updates in the GNOME desktop are done by gnome-software by default, which sends the system into an offline-update mode, i.e., the system restarts into a systemd offline-update target, where the package updates are installed. Once all the updates are installed, the system restarts back in the usual multi-user target.

However, when the updates are being installed, the present plymouth theme in openSUSE 13.2 and TW lacks a nice graphical screen that provides the user with a progress-bar and text status message. It either goes into an ugly text mode with the status messages in green text over a black background, or simply shows the green openSUSE background with no status messages or indications at all (which is probably even worse).

If this project is successful, we should at the end of it have a basic plymouth graphical screen that shows:

  • Text status (in English only) indicating the basic statuses:
    • Installing updates
    • Updates installed successfully
    • Restarting system
  • A nice progress-bar when the updates installation itself is in progress
    The text mode screen used at present already indicates the progress in %, so this should be doable.
  • Updated plymouth-branding package submitted to the devel project.


The project will definitely require the following:

  • Install plymouth testing environment, preferably with the X11 plugin.
  • Learn the plymouth script
  • Develop the graphical screen for offline-update.

It might be useful also to have some pretty icons indicating the status instead of text messages to avoid problems with localisation.

Looking for hackers with the skills:


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Hack Week 12


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  • Comments

    • badshah400
      about 7 years ago by badshah400 | Reply

      Day 1: Started learning the plymouth script Day 2: http://paste.opensuse.org/97400765

    • badshah400
      about 7 years ago by badshah400 | Reply

      Status as of day 2:

      • Simple message text indicating status and % progress shows up when system goes into the systemd "updates" mode
      • Suspend/Hibernate progress bar abused to show progress with installation of updates

      Obligatory before and after screenshot ;)


      • Improve progress bar look
      • Doesn't work on my HiDPI system, i.e., plymouth falls back to ugly text theme (never worked from the beginning on 13.2), but does on vm :( Fix!
      • Replace text with animated icons (text can cause localisation issues)?

      This is a useful (but probably slightly dated) reference.

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