A common task in L3 is to find a difference between package release X+1 which is reported as broken by customer and X which was working fine. OBS does not provide easy mapping between their revisions and package release numbers. It has "rdiff" command for comparing two packages from different projects, but it does not allow to select only one file or specify different revisions for compared packages.

The goal is to prepare script that allows following checks:

  • show difference in samba.changes between samba-3.6.3-76.1 and samba-3.6.3-84.1

    pkgdiff sles11-sp4 samba 3.6.3-76.1:3.6.3-84.1 samba.changes

  • show difference in mdamd package between mdadm-3.3.1-5.7 and the latest update

    pkgdiff sles11-sp4 mdadm 3.3.1-5.7

  • show diff between PTF and the latest package update

    pkgdiff PTF12345:sles11-sp4 mdadm

The script will be using ptfsetup from ptf-utils to get mapping between OBS revision and package version and to get the latest release update.

Sources available at gitlab@gitlab.suse.de:jcejka/pkgdiff.git

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