I started this project a couple years ago, and it only recently got off the ground enough that I committed the code somewhere (though it's still pretty minimal). A lot of work still needs to be done in the main instruction loop. I've been implementing instructions in the order of the execution of a test binary I created on an HP PA-RISC system.

To get started:
git clone https://github.com/dmulder/pa-risc-vm.git
cd pa-risc-vm/
autoreconf -if && ./configure && make

The source is in the vm/ directory. The main instruction loop is in vm/machine.cpp in the run() function. I'm targeting the PA 1.1 architecture specification.

If you're interested in joining, contact me for a test binary and the instruction set spec. https://github.com/dmulder/pa-risc-vm.git

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 15


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