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I'm building a home NAS, I have most of the HW already on my desk. Is it possible to use openSUSE for that and let my family to enjoy it too?

Project Description

Create a family usable home NAS powered by openSUSE and zfs

Family requirements

  • Hey dad the disk is almost full on mum Windows7 laptop, where I can move her documents to install XYZ (SAMBA mount, maybe quota folder)
  • Hey dad where we have my picture of my 6th birthday party? I'm doing a presentation for school using my keyboard computer (PI-500 ARM)
  • Hey dear are we sure we will not loose all our holiday photos? Should I print all of them? (backup system?)
  • Is the NAS broken? I have signed contract to send in the Documents folder in 5mins (high availability?)
  • Hey dear, there's all the night a box with a blue led blinking in the broom closet. How much we pay for that in electricity?
  • Oh- Oh-Oh I'm Santa Clause : how asked a new 12TB disk and 32GB RAM stick (expand-ability)

Goal for this Hackweek

  • Select and install a SUSE distribution, try both boot partition on ZFS and not-ZFS more standard FS.
  • Add storage disks using ZFS, organize multiple disk using best possible architecture
  • Try various ZFS features: zraid, ...
  • Measure metrics and performances
  • Evaluate effort and document procedures to add disk, replace broken disk, backup, update OS
  • compare with other solutions like TrueNAS

So all in all my effort is oriented in evaluating effort to install and maintain a NAS using openSUSE and openZFS



openZFS openSUSE

Available HW

  • Topton N5105 Mini-ITX motherboard
  • CPU Jasper Lake Intel® Celeron® Processor N5105 CPU (Base: 2.0Ghz, Burst 2.9Ghz, TDP: 10W)
  • 32GB Ram DDR4
  • NVMe M.2 500GB disk
  • 2x SATA M.2 128GB disks
  • 3x 4TB spin disks
  • 1x 4T used spin disk

Some ideas or stuff to check

  • MicroOS as distro?
  • Does web interface to manage the disks exists?

Looking for hackers with the skills:

zfs nas btrfs

This project is part of:

Hack Week 23


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  • Comments

    • jkohoutek
      9 months ago by jkohoutek | Reply

    • andreas-kupries
      9 months ago by andreas-kupries | Reply

      I suspect that is good context to read about the listed hardware.

    • lpalovsky
      9 months ago by lpalovsky | Reply

      I can show you my TrueNAS setup if you want a comparison.

    • mpagot
      8 months ago by mpagot | Reply

      4 questions for youfor you: 1. Which OS ditro are you using? 2. Are you using raidz on it? 3. Have you ever try to expand a pool adding new disks? Or generally speaking expanding the space adding new disks? 4. Have you ever experienced how zfs behaves if a disk break?

    • mpagot
      8 months ago by mpagot | Reply

      Main output is in the form of a Project blog:

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