Research on Solar router/optimizer with Home Assistant

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

When you have solar panels and your home energy consumption is below solar production, you might want to store the energy (or resell it to your energy company).

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OBS Studio for noobs

a project by FridayKetchup

OBS studio is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. As SUSE Ambassador I do a lot of video creation and editing. As Open Source Ambassador I prefer to work with (F)OSS instead of some proprietary standards in the market.

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SPA (single page application) proxy for OBS API

a project by adamm

Project Description

For many many years, OBS uses Cookies for authentication purposes. This is not really web application friendly and kind of insecure. For instance, all applications on * domain that get a web request when you are logged into OBS, they get your authentication credentials too. Secondly, if you want to write a 3rd party tool, you can't just use another domain and do random API requests due to this legacy authentication method.

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Interactive Information and Support Portal For GRE

an idea by MichaelRalphs

Project Description: We would like to create an interactive portal tool that can be used by all employees where they can get information, support and updates on Global Real estate topics such as; SUSE offices, work from home, Health and Safety and security.

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WebUI for your data

a project by avicenzi


You have too much data and you are a data hoarder.

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Parental controls on Tumbleweed/Aeon

a project by fcrozat

Project Description

Evaluate the various parental controls options to be used on Tumbleweed / Aeon, pick and choose one or more (depending on the needs) and make sure they are properly packaged on openSUSE Tumbleweed (if not available on Flathub) and can be integrated on a computer for a kid.

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Enhance product migration feature in Uyuni(SUSE Manager) to migrate from regular SLES to SLES4SAP

a project by admehmood

Project Description

Currently, Uyuni(SUSE Manager) offers a product migration feature, but it doesn't support migration from SLE to SLES4SAP. Users are required to run a separate script to perform this migration, which may not be ideal, especially if Uyuni is already installed. Additionally, the script's requirements vary with each service pack.

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Carveout time during the week to jump into ALP

an idea by Jackman1

Project Description

I will be working during the week of Hack Week but will use this opportunity to also spend time reviewing ALP on various hardware platforms.

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Rebasing of the current MicroOS installation

a project by epaolantonio

Project Description

It would be nice being able to "rebase" a MicroOS/Aeon/Kalpa installation. This can be useful, for example, to undo changes done manually with transactional-update shell, to try another variant (like replacing Aeon with Kalpa) and so on... but the goal of this project is mostly to get more knowledgeable with the MicroOS/ALP internals (tukit, snapper, et all) while doing something fun.

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Write a card game for up to 4 players

a project by asmorodskyi

I have my favorite card game from childhood . Unfortunately description is available only in Russian . Currently my friends spreed across the globe and here in Germany no one except my wife knows the rules . I would like to to have ability to play this game with my friends like I did in school/univercity.

Project Description

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HAKube UI plugin for Rancher

a project by epenchev

Project Description

HAKube UI plugin for Rancher

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K3s and FreeBSD

an idea by bdowns

Project Description

Get k3s running on FreeBSD.

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Cast: A simple alternative to the Make build tool

a project by bbachmann

Project Description

GNU Make has been a popular software tool used for automating simple build, test, and general source code management tasks for a long time. You'll find Makefiles in many software repositories – we use it on many projects as SUSE! For the most part, Make does its job, but often what people want to do with it is not exactly what it was designed for. Specifically, Make users often use Makefiles as a means a means of building out a set of commands that can be applied to their repository. But therein lies the problem: Make was not designed to build quick command line utilities at all, and it quickly becomes a nightmare as soon as the user wants to include arguments or options in their commands. The common alternative is simply to build out a tangled mess of build scripts.

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Rust based mini webserver with all the modern bells and whistles

a project by darix

Project Description

Just hook up a webserver framework for rust with things like opentelemetry for tracing, prometheus endpoint for monitoring, structured logging (to systemd) instead of line based logging.

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AI frontend to Bugzilla

an idea by paolodepa

Project Description

Over the years, our bugzilla database has grown up in size, becoming a very valuable source of truth for most support and development cases; still searching for specific items is quite tricky and the results do not always match the expectations.

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Grafana dashboard for solar panel data

a project by emiura

Create a dashboard based on grafana running on raspberry pi3 Decided to scrap all the previous attempt for a dashboard for solar power generation graphs and going for a simpler version running grafana.

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Port Agama's manager to Rust

a project by IGonzalezSosa

Initially, the Agama D-Bus service was written 100% in Ruby. For many things, it relies on YaST, so it makes sense to use the same language. It was great to have something working quickly, but it also had some drawbacks. The main problem is that, as YaST is not thread-safe, we separated the service into different processes (storage, software, localization, etc.). The system became most responsive but at the cost of eating a lot of RAM.

Moving to Rust

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Update Rancher Terraform Quickstart to leverage Elastic IP addresses

a project by kevinmayres

Make Rancher and NeuVector AWS QuickStart persistent across Shutdown.

Specifically update this AWS portion of the QuickStart to leverage Amazon Elastic IP Addresses, making the stack persistent across shutdowns startups. Designed to save budget when not using. While Terraform is designed to build and tear-down, sometimes we add additional customizations post-build which we want to be persistent for the next demo, PoC, or development experiment. Not losing the public IP assigned to cluster API, etc. would allow persistency across shutdown.

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Tungsten: A low-level LLVM programming language

a project by mfriedrich

Project Description

> Tungsten is supposed to be a memory-safe and type-safe language front-end for LLVM which borrows many elements from C and C# syntax.

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Bugzilla mobile client

an idea by paolodepa

Project Description

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a skilled mobile developer so anybody willing to share ideas, technologies and whatsnot is more than welcome to join the discussion!

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Exploring DPDK within containers

a project by paolodepa

Project Description

Containerization is here to stay and seems to be the next big thing also in the upcoming OSes releases.

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Create a new markup language with parser in rust

a project by nkrapp

Project Description

Write a parser for my own markup language in rust using parser combinators. The idea originated from a joke about creating a markup language similar to markdown called "fml".

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Improved Product Development Process

a project by rtsvetkov

Renew the Product Development Process to accommodating the Latest Standards

Goal for this Hackweek

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SSH key distribution solution

a project by vgrinco

Project Description

SSH key distribution solution that is in comply with POSIX LDAP requirements and UserDB usernames.

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Port the Jetpac game to the NES

a project by mssola

Project Description

I want to do a port of the jetpac videogame to the NES. I have already done the first steps during my spare time, but a full week focusing just on this would be awesome.

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