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Base Linux is a new distribution developed from scratch. It aims to have the stricter packaging system, to be customizable and to work as a base for other Linux distributions in all kind of environments, from desktop to servers and embedded systems.

Why start a new distribution now? - To research possible improvements in a landscape where most distributions are mostly the same as 10/15/20 years ago - To try and unify projects like OpenSUSE, ALP, buildroot into the same base project

The main features of this distro are:

  • Packages files written in Oil language, stricter and without macros or bash workarounds
  • Automated packages files, similar to Void Linux/Exherbo
  • Source based distro with customizations USE-like from Gentoo/Exherbo
  • Being able to provide a binary distribution on top with specific needs/features/contraints/components (main goal of the distro)
  • Build packages from scratch tailored for containers without depending on any distro

Goal for this Hackweek

Since this project is starting from scratch, the goal is to have a minimal bootstrapped distribution base by developing a package manager and defining a package format without using any USE-flag for the moment.


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 22


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