I plan to learn openQA during this hack week. Below are the details:

  • Basic concepts
  • Install and set up openQA
  • Write my first openQA test case

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 15


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    • emiura
      about 7 years ago by emiura | Reply

      Bellow are a summary of my achievements during this hackweek:

      • Deployment of a openQA server: Following instructions from https://pes.suse.de/QA_Maintenance/Deployment_of_openQA it was possible to deploy a working openQA server. However, it was necessary to use another source for templates, as I was unable to get admin access from openqa.suse.de (imported templates from opensuse, got from github)

      • Added ISOS and run some tests, according instructions from the documentation above. Also, tried some steps documented as necessary when doing test results reviews.

      • Followed the documentation from https://github.com/os-autoinst/openQA/tree/master/docs on how to use environment variables, needles and related stuff.

      • Tried to create own test case/test suite, using template from https://github.com/os-autoinst/os-autoinst-distri-example. Failed on this step. I was unable to create a test case that runs as It always fails to start qemu-kvm. More time is necessary to understand how the whole server works.

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