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As an amateur classical musician, from time to time I am confronted with the need to write sheet music. This can be done by hand, of course, but computer-generated sheet music is much easier to read and should be faster to produce. To say nothing of being easier to fix mistakes in...

There are, of course, music engraving programs that require a Graphical User Interface and lots of pointing, clicking, dragging, etc. to use. I would much rather use a text markup system. What TeX and LaTeX is to book typesetting, Lilypond is to music engraving. Lilypond is free software, and part of the GNU Project.

Goal for this Hackweek

The goal is to gain a basic proficiency in Lilypond and use it to typeset a real piece of music: Boismortier's Sonata No. 6 (Opus 7) for three flutes, transcribed for three cellos. This shall include both a score and parts, all generated from a single source file. The source file shall be stored at GitHub together with a README describing how it was developed.



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Hack Week 23


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