The idea is simple - I want to learn Python :) My previous knowledge about Python is small. Only few tutorials and some initial readings of below mentioned books to get an overview.

This is is a long term idea, but I want to use hackweek as an opportunity for more intensive learning. At the end of the week I would be glad if I am able to write simple script/functions, probably with help of documentation, or other resources.

As an exercise I want to try rewriting my existing bash script into python3. It is a script which I am using to make my live easier while doing HA regression tests manually. I won't be able to rewrite it entirely, but I want to rewrite at least some easy functions.

Current script functions:

Main script:

  • will be written in python

  • takes info about refhosts used from config file

  • config is currently only set of bash arrays and variables -> rewrite to be python friendly ?? yaml ?? dunno yet

  • processes execution parameters and executes tests located in separate folder.

  • outputs and formats test results - maybe directly into testreport or corresponding mtui folder

Test scripts: - for now I am happy with bash as it does the job.

Literature used:

O'reilly :

  • Introducing python

  • Think python


  • Ponorme se do Pythonu3 ... maybe soemthing else.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

This project is part of:

Hack Week 18


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    • martinsmac
      over 2 years ago by martinsmac | Reply

      Hello , I like this project, I have the same intention. Could I participate with you, using other script to port to python?

      • lpalovsky
        over 1 year ago by lpalovsky | Reply

        Hi, I am so sorry ... I didn't really check this site since I created the project. I am doing basically the same thing this year as well if you wanna join.

    • cdywan
      about 2 years ago by cdywan | Reply

      You might be interested in a udemy course for currently just 13€.

      • lpalovsky
        over 1 year ago by lpalovsky | Reply

        Hi, sorry... I didn't really pay attention to the page so I missed your comment. Thanks for the tip. There were some good offers on humblebundle during the year so I used those to buy materials.

    • martinsmac
      about 2 years ago by martinsmac | Reply

      I start with this from Safari site:

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