Project Description

During Hackweek I would like to learn about IPv6 by introducing and using IPv6 in the home office network. Focus is to see what is working and what not and build up knowledge while implementing in the own environment.. An other focus is to find out what is not working, yet and where we have interoperability challenges.

Few things on the list so far

  • addressing concepts
  • routing / router config / nat
  • IPv4 <-> IPv6 gateway
  • dns
  • dhcp
  • SLES
  • RKE2
  • Rancher
  • SUSE Manager

Goal for this Hackweek

Learn about real usage of IPv6 and limitations to be prepared for customers that would like to start using IPv6.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 21


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    • radolin
      7 months ago by radolin | Reply

      I also plan to learn a bit more about ipv6 and have been recommended this resource: They also provide a free IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel to their network, so you can actually use IPv6 even if your home ISP doesn't support it.

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