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Over at we're investigating the transition from JavaScript to TypeScript. I'd like to complement this with a fun project to prove out some of the more tricky areas as well as provide a great example of the benefits.

To do this I'd like to start with a new, clean project and demo TS features without having to update a large existing code base. Initially the project would use versions of Vue, Vuex and Nuxt currently used by the Dashboard. A secondary step would be to rev these versions specifically to check out how TS is supported in the more TS oriented later releases.

Aside from these technical aspects (and veering into the world of fantasy), the project will consuming internet feeds and translate them into a real time emotional state which will be represented in an interesting way to the user. These feeds would, to start with, include the Twitter Firehose. Sentiment analysis is also TBD (wherefore art thou IDOLonDemand). This part of the project is inspired by a visual and audio interpretation of wikipedia activity at

Goal for this Hackweek

  1. Create a base TS enabled project using Vue 2.x, Nuxt 2.x, Vuex 3.x
    • SSR should be enabled
  2. Utilising store and some basic on screen visualisation consume firehose feed and calculate some kind of (cumulative) sentiment
    • This should contain nice TS orientated demo-able features that shows off it's benefits, particularly around the store
  3. Bump versions to Nuxt 3.x and Vuex 4.x
    • understand differences and upgrade steps
    • is the process now easier/simpler/less code?
    • can any ts dependencies be dropped?
  4. Improve range of feeds and visualisations



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Hack Week 20


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