Openstack Congress provides Policy as a service solution for Openstack based clouds. Policy based fulfillment makes it convenient to write policies for VM migrations and evacuations based on data monitored from various data sources. The aim of the project is to integrate the service to SUSE openstack cloud and evaluate the use of policies as a means to develop HA solutions.

The steps for this project: 1. Evaluate Congress integration in devstack 2. Hack the packaging systems to install the packages required for Congress 3. Prepare a barclamp to install Congress services on controller node 4. Prepare policies on the lines of HA requirements 5. Demonstrate monitoring and reactive enforcement of policies


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    • mmnelemane
    • mmnelemane
      about 8 years ago by mmnelemane | Reply

      Tasks to be completed: - Create PyPi packages upstream for congress and congressclient - Separate congress-horizon changes as a separate plugin - Create OBS packages for congress, congressclient and congress-ui - Integrate UI with SUSE openstack cloud - update mkcloud/ to install congress proposal OR use an additional script to do the same.

    • mmnelemane
      almost 8 years ago by mmnelemane | Reply

      RPMs for openstack-congress and python-congress are built externally for SLE12

    • mmnelemane
      almost 8 years ago by mmnelemane | Reply

      Pending tasks for completion: 1. Testing of the barclamp on SUSE OpenStack Cloud setup and Fix issues if any 2. Update media with required packages 3. Integration of UI (Horizon) 4. Changes to automation to deploy and do smoke test on the barclamp.

      These tasks can be estimated to be completed in 2-3 weeks time.

    • mmnelemane
      almost 8 years ago by mmnelemane | Reply

      Updated commits on the branch:

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