Project Description

Create a utility that will simplify setup a SLES machine to be a PXE boot server. This will include installing and setting up tftp, dhcp client/server, nfs server, and vsftp server. Selecting, mounting, exporting, ISO and kiso images for PXE installation and setting up PXE boot menus.

Goal for this Hackweek

Combine current separate tools/code into a single menu driven stand alone tool.


Would like to also setup https boot if someone would like to help.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 21


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    • oholecek
      almost 2 years ago by oholecek | Reply

      Consider setting up HTTP server instead of FTP, that way having UEFI HTTP is just a question of client support and dhcp config.

      See this as DHCP config for HTTP, PXE UEFI and legacy PXE example. Replace grub.efi by shim.efi to have secureboot support.

      Having all of this in container would be great.

      Also see Cobbler project which is doing similar thing.

    • csalmond
      almost 2 years ago by csalmond | Reply

      Thank you for your input.

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