Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) is used to recreate a destroyed system on compatible replacement hardware, see

Currently ReaR requires basically 100% compatible replacement hardware. In particular 100% same storage i.e. same number of disks with same size.

In practice exactly same disk size is only possible with virtual disks. Real hardware replacement disks vary in size: A bit smaller or much bigger. E.g. 1 TiB versus 1 TB or 1 TB original disk replaced by new 2 TB disk.

  • Currently ReaR supports only to adjust the size of the last partition.
  • Currently resizing other partitions is not properly supported.
  • Currently resizing nested strorage objects like LVM volumes is not supported.
  • Currently resizing nested storage objects must be done manually by editing exact byte values in disklayout.conf.

The same number of disks but with different size should be supported:

  • It should work to recreate on same number of disks but with different disk sizes.
  • In case of smaller size precondition is that the data that gets restored from the backup still fits inside same storage objects.

Moving data to different storage objects will not be supported. Changing storage objects (except the size) will not be supported.

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      Implemented automated shrinking of LVs (if needed) during "rear recover" via

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