I intend to make a manager for IBS/mtui commands, to help anyone working with updates to get up and running using a simple graphical interface.

The program will:

-Load all user assigned updates on startup, and accessing metadata and logs to store useful update information on a dedicated data structure.

-Offer this information through a user friendly graphical interface, making it easy to see an updates creator, bugs, package and other stuff in one simple screen.

-Assign a new update to yourself via a smart form or unassign from old updates with one button click, quick and easy!

-Open a terminal with mtui on any update you want with the click of a button!

-Open any bug you want with a click, or open all bugs at once on your browser!

-Send a message to the creator of the update - just click on the dedicated button.

-Open the IBS/Testing page to look at new updates to assign to yourself.

... and maybe more features as I go. Or less if I don't have the time ;p



-Basic GUI skeleton created.

-Assigned update collection and data mining in log implemented.


-Bug listing, bug opening in browser, free update list to chose new updates implemented

-Form for assigning updates to yourself made usable

-GUI updated and refined


-One-click mtui open of updates implemented (gnome-terminal only for now - will add more options later)

-One click unassign update implemented.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 18


  • about 5 years ago: VANASTASIADIS originated this project.

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