It seems that systemd-nspawn, together with machinectl can use qcow2 images directly.

This means I could use the images genereted by kiwi to start containers (for development and for running the tests).

The nspawn containers are closer to VMs.

I was already able to run a full Suse Manager inside an nspawn container starting from an qcow2 image used for the tests.


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    • dmacvicar
      over 7 years ago by dmacvicar | Reply

      Network setup is interesting, docker manages a docker bridge and ip addresses for you.

      You can connect nspawn to the libvirt bridge (that has dhcp):

      sudo systemd-nspawn -b -x --network-bridge=virbr0 -M manager-3.0

      However, just like you have to delete /etc/securetty, you need to move ifcfg-eth0 to ifcfg-host0 if you want to use the default host0 name, or, use --network-veth-extra but then you need to do the bridge operations yoursef.

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