Graphing stats from a remote solar MPPT charge controller

Goal for this Hackweek

At the end of the hack week, we should be able to access data in realtime from the MPPT controller.


The setup is pretty simple:

  • an MPPT controller (plugged to solar panel). The brand is Victron Energy

  • a RPI 1(the only left I have) running the OS

  • an old Android phone USB connected to the PI for 4G connectivity

  • a VPN, providing access to an MQTT service

  • the graphing part will be done through Grafana

The MPPT controller already provide stats through a proprietary bluetooth connected app. Unluckily, the protocol is kept close by the manufacturer. We should be able to get the stats through a 3 pins I/O ports connected to the RPI GPIO

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 21


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