Unfortunately flashplayer no longer works in Firefox. It freezes FF for about 1-2 minutes. With pepperflash (coming from Google) flash is not detected at all. Flash works inside of google-chrome though.

The issues apply only to my standard user 'sndirsch' (~/.mozilla/ directory has been erased completely!). For a freshly created user pepperflash works fine in FF. I would like to investigate on this, since still a lot of webpages are using flash and I don't want to switch for google-chrome because of this.

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  • over 8 years ago: sndirsch originated this project.

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    • sndirsch
      over 8 years ago by sndirsch | Reply

      For some reason Flash plugin (pepperflash) meanwhile appears as a plugin in Firefox for my standard NIS user. And it seems to work with youtube (switched away from HTML5 to default player to test this). heise.de newstacker also uses Flash I noticed. This seems to work as well.

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