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Kubernetes is widely used nowadays, but for the developers it's hard to test things locally, and many end up running single node setups. k3s is there to address this issue and provides lightweight stack to gain all advantages of the kubernetes with less efforts to run.


End goal is to get familiar with k3s and consider scenarios where it can be applied in our daily tasks, as well as share received experience with others, either by giving lightning talk or providing write-up.

Results are documented here: I was able to easily launch kubernetes cluster with multiple nodes and run local docker registry to be used in the setup.


Looking for hackers with the skills:

kubernetes k3s zeroops

This project is part of:

Hack Week 20


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    • jblainchristen
      over 1 year ago by jblainchristen | Reply

      As one of the engineers working on k3s (and RKE2) I am happy to help if you encounter any roadblocks! If you have access to it you can always find me on the Rancher Labs Slack. I will also be available on Rocket Chat.

      • riafarov
        over 1 year ago by riafarov | Reply

        Hey! Somehow I've missed your comment. Thanks a lot for your offer. I was able to figure out how to launch lightweight kubernetes cluster, k3s and k3d documentation is quite good and easy to follow. Just some guides in internet have outdated commands listed for the local docker registry. Cheers!

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