Gerrit is used for code reviews by openstack and its related projects (e.g. chef cookbooks). The web interface is too slow when you get 100 changes to review each day. It would be nice to have a faster CLI. There are already some python client libraries available. I am thinking about either doing this as a standalone application with python and something like ncurses or an emacs/lighttable plugin.

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    • aspiers
      over 9 years ago by aspiers | Reply

      emacs is the way forward ;-)

    • cboltz
      over 9 years ago by cboltz | Reply

      What about zypper in git-review ? ;-)

      • iartarisi
        over 9 years ago by iartarisi | Reply

        git-review is really basic and very burdensome to use for more than one review. I think it's useful for scripts, but not anywhere near a powertool for reviewing changes in multiple projects: commenting on specific lines of codes, answering comments, upvoting, downvoting etc.

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