Testing and adding GNU/Linux distributions on Uyuni

an invention by juliogonzalezgil

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Script that loads dummy data into HANA database for testing purposes.

an invention by rangelino

Project Description

Sometimes when we reproduce a customer issue, it doesn't always demonstrate the same behavior the customer is having. So, we engage backline or open a bug or throw up our arms in frustration. I have one such customer with just an issue like this. Running the exact same commands in an almost identical sles4sap version environment and yet I cannot reproduce what she is seeing? What to do?

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Open Source Firmware for EV chargers using the ESP32 Chip (Autoaid / EN-Plus / EVSEDO)

an invention by bschmidt

Hack Week 23

Project Description

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Create tool to analyze supportconfig to spot common SUSE Manager / Uyuni issues

an invention by cbosdonnat

Project Description

A supportconfig provides a lot of files and data from the system, but it is often hard to spot the real issue in it. The idea of this project is to get machine-readable output for the supportconfig data and analyze them.

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Extend GObject based introspectable API to libzypp

an invention by zbenjamin

Project Description

Currently we are in a situation with libzypp where we have a C++ based and hard to use API. Due

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Create an ALP based Leap replacement. (Grassy Knoll)

an invention by simotek

Hackweek 23

Since Hackweek 22 this project has been made much easier with the introduction of "ALP Granite" however that project is not in a state where it is ready for us to do significant work without it as such my goals for this hackweek atleast are somewhat less then last Hackweek, hopefully by next hackweek Granite will be in a better place to build on.

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FrankenCampus Canteen Menu PDF Parser aka Mahlzeit!

an invention by cwh

Project Description

Make a PDF parser command line tool that brings the Nuremberg Canteen's Menu to a usable format (Plain text, JSON) that can be used in WebApps, Smart Displays or a Slack/IRC Bots.

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Learn, document and test the Jellyfin Python library

an invention by StevenK

Jellyfin is the volunteer-built, open-source media solution that puts you in control of your media. Stream to any device from your own server, with no strings attached. Furthermore, Jellyfin Python is the API client from Jellyfin Kodi extracted as a python package so that other users may use the API without maintaining a fork of the API client. Please note that this API client is not complete. You may have to add API calls to perform certain tasks. I have a Jellyfin server and I used have scripts running against a Plex server, but I'm missing them, so I'd like to re implement them against my Jellyfin server, but the library is difficult to use, so try and get a handle on it and document it.

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LSP server for SPEC files

an invention by mcepl

Has anybody ever heard about RPM Spec LSP server? That would be awesome thing to have (at least for completion)? The best I know is this: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/KBJYLQZ6VNSCWBNC7Y72HTBJ6EQDVFMX/

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Useless machine: Bureaucratic microservice edition

an invention by apritschet

Project Description

Implement of a useless machine as an event-driven web app, which needs to comply to a fictitious overly bureaucratic process.

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Open source voice controlled AI drawing interface for young kids

an invention by jstehlik

Project Description

Open source voice controlled AI drawing interface for young kids

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RKE2 and Rancher deployment with Pulumi

an invention by bkampen

Project Description

Terraform and Ansible are used within the Consulting Team for automating RKE2 and Rancher deployments, but with the change in Open-Source License of Terraform and the RedHat “problems”, I think there is a need for an alternative solution like Pulumi. I have no experience with Pulumi and there isn’t much documentation around it (regarding Rancher and Terraform). There is a Package for Rancher but nothing for RKE2.

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Deep Packet Inspection: compare the performance between libnetfilter_queue, NF_HOOK and eBPF XDP

an invention by nguyens

Deep Packet Inspection: compare the performance between libnetfilterqueue, NFHOOK and eBPF XDP

Project Description

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K3s versions

an invention by eminguez

Project Description

Provide a web site where folks can see the current/past versions of K3s at a glance in an easy way.

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TUI interface for Agama

an invention by ancorgs

State of the Art

Agama, the future (open)SUSE installer, can be controlled with two user interfaces:

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Implementation of a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tool

an invention by eraptopoulou

Project Description We would like to implement a GRC tool that can help different teams with their daily tasks (risk management, internal/external audit findings, ISMS/PIMS Policies updates, reporting etc.).

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Mortgage Plan Analyzer

an invention by RMestre

Project Description

Many people face challenges when trying to renegotiate their mortgages with different banks. They receive offers from multiple lenders and struggle to compare them effectively. Each proposal may have slightly different terms and data presentation, making it hard to make informed decisions. Additionally, understanding the impact of various taxes and variables can be complex. The Mortgage Plan Analyzer project aims to address these issues.

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Package MONAI Machine Learning Models for Medical Applications

an invention by jordimassaguerpla

Project Description

MONAI Deploy aims to become the de-facto standard for developing packaging, testing, deploying, and running medical AI applications in clinical production. MONAI Deploy creates a set of intermediate steps where researchers and physicians can build confidence in the techniques and approaches used with AI — allowing for an iterative workflow.

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Share knowledge on the Crystal programming language

an invention by amanzini

Project Description

As a designated "ambassador" for the Crystal programming language community, this is a project to prepare content, use cases, and small examples to advocate this not-mainstream technology.

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Integrating terminology into Vale

an invention by jufa

Project Description Exporting the published terms from TermWeb and integrating it into the Vale style checker to improve quality checks for the SUSE product documentation.

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Extract generic testing framework from Linux Test Project code base

an invention by acervesato

Project Description

The Linux Test Project has a solid and strong code base which could be used to create a generic testing framework.

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Tumbleweed support for Raspberry Pi 4 with Quad SATA HAT

an invention by jbaier_cz

Project Description

With Quad SATA HAT[1] you can turn your RPi / RockPi into a nice little NAS. There are some packages[2] for Raspbian/Ubuntu which will allow you to control the disks and the optional fan and OLED display. But what if you want to install Tumbleweed on your box?

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Use AI to construct SQL queries for the openQA test database

an invention by okurz


The openQA test database, based on PostgreSQL, has a lot of potential to be able to answer various questions but often we do not know how to put those questions into the right SQL queries so let's harness the power of artificial intelligence to go wild in this direction :)

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Work on gfxprim e-ink support

an invention by metan

Project Description

I did manage to write an userspace spidev driver for waveshare e-ink driver for gfxprim, terminal emulator and even the widget library mostly runs fine, but there are plenty of minor fixes to be done.

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Welcome Hack-Venturers, to the Age of Choice!

an invention by dfaggioli

Project Description

SUSE Hack Week is about bringing people together, building bridges and letting them have fun, while they also grow, develop their interests, experience collaboration and enhance their cooperative spirit, when having to deal with complex problems and difficult situations.

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Create a "trello" tool desktop software to track daily task and improve personnal productivity

an invention by vlefebvre

Project Description


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Continue AKTIVE, my Tcl Image & Vector Extension

an invention by andreas-kupries

Project Description

Started last hack week with some more work after that in free time.

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Forklift - Text based GUI utility for dealing with containers

an invention by andreabenini

Project Description

This is a simple and handy text based GUI utility for dealing with boring

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Linux incarnation of the Party Parrot

an invention by rsimai

Project Description

Lesser on the coding side but to follow up on a past fun project: the Party Geeko Party Geeko insists since Hackweek 18 and is in good company with the other party guests.

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openSUSE with openZFS as home NAS

an invention by mpagot

Main output is in the form of a Project blog: https://mpagot.github.io/opensuse.hackweek.23/ I'm building a home NAS, I have most of the HW already on my desk. Is it possible to use openSUSE for that and let my family to enjoy it too?

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an invention by dgarcia

Project Description

The idea is to work on projects related to GNOME (libs/apps or others) that needs some love, components that are important for the desktop, but has few contributions lately.

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Relm4-based user interface for Agama

an invention by IGonzalezSosa


Disclaimer: the idea of this project is to play around with Relm4.

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Picopad development

an invention by vbabka

Project Description

Few months ago I bought the new Raspberry Pi Pico based DIY console called Picopad.

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Create doc-kit for Smart Docs

an invention by ta-ro

Project Description

Create a new doc-kit to set up and maintain Smart Docs.

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Updatecli Shared Policies

an invention by olblak

Updatecli is a declarative dependency management tool, used to apply file update strategies. It is designed to be used from everywhere, where each application "run" detects if a value needs to be updated using an update policy then apply changes according to the policy, commit the changes and finally open a pullrequest on GitHub/Gitlab/Stash.

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Hangar: tool for mirror container images & generate rancher image lists.

an invention by StarryWang

Project Description

Hangar is a tool for mirroring/copying multi-arch container images between registry servers and local files, it also can generate an image list file according to Rancher KDM data and chart repositories for mirroring/saving images.

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Retro gaming manual for Rancher

an invention by mavedon

Finished! View manual/FAQ here --> https://confluence.suse.com/display/~mavedon/Hackweek+2023

Project Description

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Upgrade our SUSE Intranet

an invention by k_charlton

Calling all SUSE team members who want to:

  • Find company information with ease so they can do their job to the best of their ability
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Generate OSV Security Data

an invention by msmeissn

Implement generation of OSV security data

I want to have a first revision of OSV security data generation based on my current CVE database tooling.

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mikrolite - a cli to create lighweight Kubernetes clusters using microvms

an invention by rcase

Project Description

This project will create a CLI utility that will use "microvm" technology (a.k.a. lightweight virtualization) to enable users to create virtual machines and compose these into Kubernetes clusters.

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Modernize SCC Customer Management and/or Patchfinder

an invention by digitaltomm

Project Description

Customer Management and Patchfinder are 2 sub applications in SCC that are written in AngularJS (1.7.5).

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Serving web pages for a registered domain from a container behind proxy

an invention by tjyrinki_suse

Project description

For example Nginx proxy + docker + apache/nginx + let's encrypt combination.

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Automate local lab setup using Proxmox Ansible and TerraForm

an invention by wagi

Project Description

I am running a local test lab usually creating test VMs per hand. Let's automate this.

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Vulkan Widget for GTK

an invention by yudaike

Project Description

Sometimes when developing a GTK program, we want some nice 3D rendered content in it. And to do that, usually we want to use some Graphics API.

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Go zip updater: Appending new files to zip archive without decompressing the whole file

an invention by StarryWang

Project Description

Currently, Golang's archive/zip standard library does not support appending new files to the existing zip archive.

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Redesign and improvements for my 3D printer

an invention by lpalovsky

Project Description

I have a DIY 3D printer which I am updating and modifying for about 4 years now.

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Building a container bootloader

an invention by flonnegren

Building a container bootloader

Building a UEFI application that can boot a EFI stubbed linux kernel+initrd from a container store stored in a fat filesystem.

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A quantum physics experiment puzzle (designed with Google's CP-SAT solver)

an invention by moio

link to video player demoing the result

A quantum physics effect to teach, a puzzle to build, a problem to solve, a tool to learn!

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Arrange a Song - Alturas by Inti Illimani

an invention by sndirsch

Goal Getting more familiar with DAWs [1] and other audio programs and arrange a song

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Generic text file preprocessor using custom syntax for define include ifdef

an invention by mdati

Project Description

Scope of this project is to implement a simple include feature (similar to #include <lib> of the C-precompiler or import <lib> of python), for generic text files. See below section Additional improvements too, on ifdef define .

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Rancher Controller speed-boost

an invention by kjoiner

Project Description

This project looks to speed up Rancher Controllers by tweaking some backend behavior (ie, logging speed, JSON serialization, Protobuf use)

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Collect flaky test cases identified by the team in a GitHub board and highlight them in the Test report

an invention by oscar-barrios

Project Description

Flaky tests: Those that have not a consistent result, and sometimes are failing and others are passing.

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AVR UART and Bootloader

an invention by aschnell

Learn about AVR UART and Bootloader

Use the AVR UART for a bootloader that loads a program via USB to EEPROM. That is basically what the Arduino Bootloader does.

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Run AMA outside of SUSE Engineering

an invention by szarate


Get a closer look at how developers work on the Engineering team (R & D) of SUSE, and close the collaboration gap between GSI and Engineering

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Play with stable diffusion AI model to generate custom avatars

an invention by STorresi

Project Description

Generate a personalized avatar artwork images by fine-tuning stable diffusion on personal pictures

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Create a kubectl plugin for Epinio

an invention by ecandino

Project Description

The Kubernetes CLI kubectl can be extended with plugins. While Epinio provides a CLI itself some of the operations are meant to be run from operators with direct access to the cluster. For example there is no way to create a user (a Kubernetes secret), assign a namespace to a user, create a "Epinio role" (coming soon) and assign it to a user.

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Use Uyuni to migrate EL linux to SLL

an invention by RDiasMateus

Project Description

With CentOS 7 going EoL next year users need an option to move forward and keep receiving updates if needed.

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Fine Tuning LLaMa2

an invention by rtorrero

Project Description

Fine tuning of a LLaMa2 model

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Epinio speech-to-command POC

an invention by mamartin

Project Description

My goal is to attempt to build a basic speech-to-text app that can execute some basic CLI commands for Epinio simply using voice without touching a keyboard. Examples:

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Reduce the amount of TODOs for RuboCop in OBS

an invention by enavarro_suse

Project Description

The OBS project has a big TODO RuboCop file. Reducing its size and addressing RuboCop offenses will help to improve the health of the codebase.

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Metrics for QE Yam squad

an invention by rainerkoenig

Project Description

Measure metrics for the QE Yam Squad that are useful and display them on a Grafana dashboard.

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Rancher Upgrader - Upgrades your rancher install via helm, and communicates critical changes from release A to B.

an invention by rweir

Project Description

Rancher Upgrader helps the user upgrade their rancher install and walks them through all need-to-know release notes.

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The 5 days of Hackweek

an invention by bear454

5 small projects in one hack week

I always try to take on something bigger than I can complete in Hackweek, and then wallow in my frustrations for weeks after. This time I'm doing something different: one small project every day; 5 accomplishments; 5 successes. I invite you to join me. Post your mini-projects in the comments.

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Project Felis: A desktop Linux distribution with immutable root file system that uses Xfce desktop

an invention by mauriziogalli

Project Description

The aim is to create a desktop Linux distribution with immutable root file system and Xfce desktop as user interface.

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Design/build personal home energy storage system with mid-level components

an invention by okurz


I already have photovoltaics installed on the roof of my house. For years I was looking into home energy storage solutions but commercial offers are too expensive to provide a positive RoI so it is necessary to atleast assemble some parts by hand. I don't feel confident to build individual battery packs together and run multiple kWh in my house for years so I am going with "mid-level components", i.e. commercial off the shelf battery systems and power inverter.

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Write a mod for dystopian horror video game, Signalis

an invention by annablendermann

Project Description

Write a mod in C# for dystopian horror video game, Signalis. I'm not experienced with mods so this could also include the following

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Learn Lilypond and Use It to Typeset Sheet music

an invention by smithfarm

Project Description

As an amateur classical musician, from time to time I am confronted with the need to write sheet music. This can be done by hand, of course, but computer-generated sheet music is much easier to read and should be faster to produce. To say nothing of being easier to fix mistakes in...

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Offline SUSE Audio AI Assistant

an invention by alexlau

Following up on Hackweek 22, the RAG AI aims to answer customer questions by relating them to SUSE documentation. The dependency on OpenAI is being removed in favor of an open source, GPU-less LLM platform to provide an audio assistant that can be used across platforms. So the goal of this demo is to create an offline, no GPU-required audio assistant workflow.

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Investigate zypper/openSUSE repository refresh optimisations

an invention by dirkmueller

Project Description

For a few months, openSUSE community has the ability to host the openSUSE rpm repositories on a commercial CDN and it is in a slowly rolling out phase. There are however remaining potential bottlenecks and optimisation opportunities. My goal for this hack week is to investigate them and make reasonable progress on resolving them.

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Package Kata Containers artifacts as an Helm Chart

an invention by fgiudici

Project Description

Kata Containers is an open source community working to build a secure container runtime with lightweight virtual machines that feel and perform like containers, but provide stronger workload isolation using hardware virtualization technology as a second layer of defense.

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an invention by mkoutny

Project Description

Software engineers should be proficient in their area of expertise and also have overview of adjacent abstraction layers to understand the world in better context. Despite SUSE is not a hardware company, this project aims at implementing a simple RISC-V processor on a hobby FPGA board.

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