Rancher Controller speed-boost

an invention by kjoiner

Project Description

This project looks to speed up Rancher Controllers by tweaking some backend behavior (ie, logging speed, JSON serialization, Protobuf use)

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Collect flaky test cases identified by the team in a GitHub board and highlight them in the Test report

an invention by oscar-barrios

Project Description

Flaky tests: Those that have not a consistent result, and sometimes are failing and others are passing.

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AVR UART and Bootloader

an invention by aschnell

Learn about AVR UART and Bootloader

Use the AVR UART for a bootloader that loads a program via USB to EEPROM. That is basically what the Arduino Bootloader does.

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Run AMA outside of SUSE Engineering

an invention by szarate


Get a closer look at how developers work on the Engineering team (R & D) of SUSE, and close the collaboration gap between GSI and Engineering

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Play with stable diffusion AI model to generate custom avatars

an invention by STorresi

Project Description

Generate a personalized avatar artwork images by fine-tuning stable diffusion on personal pictures

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Create a kubectl plugin for Epinio

an invention by ecandino

Project Description

The Kubernetes CLI kubectl can be extended with plugins. While Epinio provides a CLI itself some of the operations are meant to be run from operators with direct access to the cluster. For example there is no way to create a user (a Kubernetes secret), assign a namespace to a user, create a "Epinio role" (coming soon) and assign it to a user.

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Use Uyuni to migrate EL linux to SLL

an invention by RDiasMateus

Project Description

With CentOS 7 going EoL next year users need an option to move forward and keep receiving updates if needed.

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Fine Tuning LLaMa2

an invention by rtorrero

Project Description

Fine tuning of a LLaMa2 model

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Epinio speech-to-command POC

an invention by mamartin

Project Description

My goal is to attempt to build a basic speech-to-text app that can execute some basic CLI commands for Epinio simply using voice without touching a keyboard. Examples:

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Reduce the amount of TODOs for RuboCop in OBS

an invention by enavarro_suse

Project Description

The OBS project has a big TODO RuboCop file. Reducing its size and addressing RuboCop offenses will help to improve the health of the codebase.

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