Modernize SCC Customer Management and/or Patchfinder

an invention by digitaltomm

Project Description

Customer Management and Patchfinder are 2 sub applications in SCC that are written in AngularJS (1.7.5).

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Serving web pages for a registered domain from a container behind proxy

an invention by tjyrinki_suse

Project description

For example Nginx proxy + docker + apache/nginx + let's encrypt combination.

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Automate local lab setup using Proxmox Ansible and TerraForm

an invention by wagi

Project Description

I am running a local test lab usually creating test VMs per hand. Let's automate this.

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Vulkan Widget for GTK

an invention by yudaike

Project Description

Sometimes when developing a GTK program, we want some nice 3D rendered content in it. And to do that, usually we want to use some Graphics API.

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Go zip updater: Appending new files to zip archive without decompressing the whole file

an invention by StarryWang

Project Description

Currently, Golang's archive/zip standard library does not support appending new files to the existing zip archive.

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Redesign and improvements for my 3D printer

an invention by lpalovsky

Project Description

I have a DIY 3D printer which I am updating and modifying for about 4 years now.

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Building a container bootloader

an invention by flonnegren

Building a container bootloader

Building a UEFI application that can boot a EFI stubbed linux kernel+initrd from a container store stored in a fat filesystem.

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A quantum physics experiment puzzle (designed with Google's CP-SAT solver)

an invention by moio

link to video player demoing the result

A quantum physics effect to teach, a puzzle to build, a problem to solve, a tool to learn!

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Arrange a Song - Alturas by Inti Illimani

an invention by sndirsch

Goal Getting more familiar with DAWs [1] and other audio programs and arrange a song

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Generic text file preprocessor using custom syntax for define include ifdef

an invention by mdati

Project Description

Scope of this project is to implement a simple include feature (similar to #include <lib> of the C-precompiler or import <lib> of python), for generic text files. See below section Additional improvements too, on ifdef define .

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