an invention by dgarcia

Project Description

The idea is to work on projects related to GNOME (libs/apps or others) that needs some love, components that are important for the desktop, but has few contributions lately.

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Relm4-based user interface for Agama

an invention by IGonzalezSosa


Disclaimer: the idea of this project is to play around with Relm4.

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Picopad development

an invention by vbabka

Project Description

Few months ago I bought the new Raspberry Pi Pico based DIY console called Picopad.

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Create doc-kit for Smart Docs

an invention by ta-ro

Project Description

Create a new doc-kit to set up and maintain Smart Docs.

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Updatecli Shared Policies

an invention by olblak

Updatecli is a declarative dependency management tool, used to apply file update strategies. It is designed to be used from everywhere, where each application "run" detects if a value needs to be updated using an update policy then apply changes according to the policy, commit the changes and finally open a pullrequest on GitHub/Gitlab/Stash.

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Hangar: tool for mirror container images & generate rancher image lists.

an invention by StarryWang

Project Description

Hangar is a tool for mirroring/copying multi-arch container images between registry servers and local files, it also can generate an image list file according to Rancher KDM data and chart repositories for mirroring/saving images.

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Retro gaming manual for Rancher

an invention by mavedon

Finished! View manual/FAQ here -->

Project Description

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Upgrade our SUSE Intranet

an invention by k_charlton

Calling all SUSE team members who want to:

  • Find company information with ease so they can do their job to the best of their ability
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Generate OSV Security Data

an invention by msmeissn

Implement generation of OSV security data

I want to have a first revision of OSV security data generation based on my current CVE database tooling.

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mikrolite - a cli to create lighweight Kubernetes clusters using microvms

an invention by rcase

Project Description

This project will create a CLI utility that will use "microvm" technology (a.k.a. lightweight virtualization) to enable users to create virtual machines and compose these into Kubernetes clusters.

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