The YaST documentation (developer and user documentation) is spread over various locations.

Recently a new landing page was created, accessible from And there is the YaST portal on "old" wiki

From the new landing page the YaST developer documentation is reachable via the Documentation tab - but it's not easy to find what you are looking for, see below:


Follow the YaST link

Click on Documentation

The documentation page brings you to various developer documentation, e.g. to the UI Reference.

At the end of this page in section Tips&Tricks there is a link to the YaST development tips and tricks which in the end brings you to the Yast Documentation Home.

What's missing are links to the user documentation, e.g. general docu about YaST, docu about the YaST modules..., which is located on opensuse wiki.


Bring the different place together to make it easy to find information about YaST for developers and for users.

It would be also nice to have a link to the YaST sprint blog.

Also related to this is a Scrum PBI.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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