Some of my old workstations (Sun3, Apollo DN3x00/4x00) use ECL signals for their monochrome monitor. Since these monitors are already dead or dying I was looking for a conversion to something more modern. As I couldn't find anything I found the ULX3S boards, which already have everything for driving a HDMI monitor. So goal of this project is to use the FPGA board for converting the video signal.


  1. Bring up FPGA
  2. Show something on the HDMI monitor
  3. Use an input pin for receiving bitstream to show on monitor
  4. Add H-Sync/V-Sync support
  5. Build level converter board from ECL (video)/TTL (syncs) to 3.3V and connect to FPGA board

Looking for hackers with the skills:


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Hack Week 20


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