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You might recall that the SUSE (BCL) documentation team for HW21 offered a project called "EVERYONE can contribute to documentation – See how YOU can join the party". Even if this year, unfortunately, we are not able to host a live workshop event about documentation and how to interact with us, we would like to continuously push awareness that our invitation to contribute to open source and SUSE documentation NEVER expires :-).

Thus, we thought to offer you a kind of "stripped-down" version of the contribute to the docs project. What does this mean? It's simple: just go to a newly created dedicated HW space in SharePoint where we provide you with easy access to recordings of previous doc session recordings and presentations. Also, find links to the documentation team spaces in SharePoint and Confluence that contain important information, but also to newsletters, communication channels, GitHub repositories, older event videos, and more.

This "mini documentation eLearning" platform hopefully allows you to get a common understanding of what we do and how or why to collaborate with us - but at your convenience and at your own pace!

Goal for this Hackweek

Our hope is to make you understand that everyone can help improve the documentation. Our goal is to encourage colleagues across all departments to interact with us, contribute to the docs, and share feedback, so that we continuously and collaboratively can enhance the SUSE documentation for the benefit of our entire ecosystem.


Access the "mini documentation eLearning platform" here:

PLEASE DON’T THINK this is nothing for you if you are a Windows user or if you don’t have a technical background. EVERYONE can contribute to documentation, no matter what your expertise level is. As a newbie or non-techie, for example, you could just read a document and tell us if it is understandable, or if instructions are explained way too complicated. You can do a language review and checking docs for typing errors. As a techie or developer, you could do a sanity check for instructions, or add missing information. There are many options for contributions for any level of background or expertise.


Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 23


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