ABF is a buildsystem developed by ROSA (rosalab.com) and OpenMandriva (https://www.openmandriva.org/) currently being used for their distribution.

The build system is FOSS and is available to be deployed anywhere. (https://github.com/rosa-abf) (https://github.com/OpenMandrivaSoftware/docker-builder)

It uses mock for creating the build environments inside a container, and as openmandriva is migrating to DNF package manager from the old URPMi we should be able to use it without much modifications to create and build packages for SUSE rpm, although SUSE rpm implementation is heavily patched.

The aim of this hack week is to see what shortcomings appear and figure out how much modification would be necessary to achieve a functional build.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 19


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