Currently whenever there is a test, we need to find or build environment on our own machine or borrow some one else's machine temparorily. I hope we can collect all testing machines in our local team and build a sharable testing environment. Every one can reserve and use the machine, add machine, check machine info to find proper one (hardware and software) for test, share vm images, share other testing related resources, etc.

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  • over 9 years ago: lin_ma started this project.
  • over 9 years ago: cyliu originated this project.

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    • osynge
      over 9 years ago by osynge | Reply

      docker is a good thing to look at for this.

    • xgonzo
      over 9 years ago by xgonzo | Reply

      Maybe QA automation can provide some hints. You might also want to have a look at whichis used to share hosts (Team of Stefan Fent)

    • cschum
      over 9 years ago by cschum | Reply

      Maybe Pennyworth can help as well. We use it for managing virtual machines for Machinery testing.

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