A few months ago, I started thinking "it cannot be that hard to model my house using some CAD software". And of course I miserably failed.

I'm using this week as an opportunity to take the time to learn about CAD and manage to do something with it. And it's a good project where I can deal with interruptions (which are expected).

Summary of day 1

  • Started playing with FreeCAD; gave up because the old version I had was completely broken
  • Evaluated solutions (FreeCAD, LibreCAD, SweetHome3D); LibreCAD is 2D-only (and not very nice), and SweetHome3D feels like its own island (format-wise), so FreeCAD was the right direction
  • Updated my box to latest tumbleweed to get latest FreeCAD; it still failed due to a dependency issue, so rebuilt the package to debug this (which took 90 minutes...); after a while, I found out that there python3-pyside2 package was the issue
  • Played with 2D drafting and then realized that it's not the right way; BIM modeling is the way to go

Summary of day 2

  • Got FreeCAD running after finding about the python3-pyside2 issue
  • Started modeling the ground floor, with several iterations
  • Realized after a while that I can't assume all walls have the same thickness, which makes things way more complicated
  • At the end of the day, it didn't seem like there was huge progress :/

Summary of day 3

  • Struggled a bit with the wall thickness issue, but finally mastered it
  • Modeled the ground floor and the first floor -- in a basic way (floor + walls)
  • Had some issues with walls that are not rectangles, but realized I could use the structure object instead of the wall object in that case (and create this from a face)
  • Feels like pretty good progress today

Summary of day 4

  • No real progress, disrupted by business

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