This was planned for previous hackweek (hw16-1)

=> Automated deployment of virtualization hosts and build up of virtual machines for xen+kvm+related tool testing.

=> Automation of basic regressions tests: * installation of guests * virsh commands * xl+xm stack

HW16 avocado-vt:

Sergio gave us an idea to take a look on avocado-vt as a potential tool which can be used for automated qemu testing. The Idea of the tool is very nice and useful, however, it brings also many challenges and will need a lot of work to address/fix all existing issues. The summary of the and to-do list for the future is part article mentioned in our team wiki:

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • cachen
      over 7 years ago by cachen | Reply

      Looking forward see new idea from this hackweek project, even QA APACII team has made the xen/kvm automation testing and covered these 2 items. Perhaps you would like to refer to Hope I it's not impolite :)

    • pgeorgiadis
      over 7 years ago by pgeorgiadis | Reply

      Check this:

    • djz88
      over 7 years ago by djz88 | Reply

      Because of high priority Maintenance Updates we will have our hackweek later.

      Branislav dedicated 11.-18.3.2017
      Zdenek(me) probably in April.

      Our tasks and progress are at Redmine and are splitted into:

      • build the hypervisor (xen+kvm)
      • install the VMs
      • apply the tests (xm/xl, virsh)

      Thanx for your inputs. We went through them and it helped us to form our goal. :)

    • slemke
      over 6 years ago by slemke | Reply

      Hackweek(16): I will follow up on avocado-vt readings as suggested before;

    • brhavel
      over 6 years ago by brhavel | Reply

      Hackweek(16): due to important work during the last hackweek, I had not much space to dig into the topic. I am planning to use the opportunity during current HW(16) together with slemke evaluate options which allows avocado-vt ( and how to use that for faster and more effective virtualization testing in QAM team.

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