Project Description

Few apache2 package adjustments.

Goal for this Hackweek

  1. Formerly, apache2.spec was rewritten in Tumbleweed, including utilization of httpd upstream test suite. Try to use this testsuite also in older code streams.
  2. _multibuild was introduced in apache2.spec package, too. Use this opportunity to consider tooling improvement to be able to easily test packages in change root.
  3. Perhaps consider a2ensite/a2disite tools for apache2 package.

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Hack Week 20


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    • pgajdos
      over 2 years ago by pgajdos | Reply

      1. This is done for 15sp2, 15 and 12sp2, see home:pgajdos:maintenance:apache2. Now just to get it into these released codestreams :).
      2. Done:
      3. Discussed with Ralf Lang.

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